Offering translation services between English and Turkish only, Banguoğlu specializes in legal, commercial and medical documents.

The company mainly translates the following document types:

- agreements and contracts (including merger agreements which is a special field of expertise)
- complaints and other briefs
- statements of claim
- legal opinions
- court decisions
- arbitral awards
- expert reports
- laws, regulations, by-laws, communiques

- internal administrative documents
- policies, procedures and processes
- press releases
- annual reports
- financial statements

Health and Medicine
- license applications
- medical papers and reports
- clinical study protocols


Since its inception, Banguoğlu Ltd. has been committed to producing translations "that do not require post-editing". To this end, translation projects are assigned to translators specializing in the field in question, and all translations are carefully edited by in-house editors before delivery. All translation projects start with a terminology study in cooperation with experts and consultants. In major projects involving highly technical language, a company representative visits the customer to conduct a preliminary investigation of the field upon customer's request.

Banguoğlu translators and editors are committed to fully analyzing and comprehending the source text, conducting the necessary research and creating a translation that is sensitive to established practices of the target language and special needs of the customer.

Customer satisfaction

Banguoğlu is committed to ensuring full customer satisfaction after the delivery of the project as well. All customer feedback on terminology and style is carefully evaluated, and any quality issues are solved without delay.


Since confidentiality is a crucial element of commercial translation, the company signs a legally-binding confidentiality undertaking upon the customer's request. It also ensures that all employees and freelancers who might have access to confidential information of customers sign a confidentiality undertaking with the company in turn.