Banguoğlu Ltd. was established by Suna Banguoğlu and Çiğdem Aka in 1998. A small company offering high-quality translation services at the beginning, Banguoğlu rapidly grew to become a prestigious member of the Turkish language services industry.

Located in Gayrettepe, Istanbul, the company has six in-house personnel and fourteen freelance translators.

Business Partners

Banguoglu's translation team consists of a limited number of carefully selected experts, mostly from the translation, law, economics and management departments of Turkey's best universities. Translators have at least seven years of experience in the industry, and all translations are carefully edited by editors with an experience between 10 to 30 years.

Office Team

Suna Banguoğlu-Founding PartnerSuna Banguoğlu (Founding Partner): After attending secondary school and high school in London, she graduated from the Business Administration Department of Bosphorus University in 1965. Banguoğlu then worked as a specialist at İş Bank's External Relations Department in Ankara, and as a PR Assistant and in-house translator at Mobil Oil Turkey, where she gained significant experience in the translation of legal documents. She retired from Mobil in 1997 and co-founded Banguoğlu Ltd. Suna Banguoğlu continues to work as a translator and editor at the company.

Çiğdem Aka-Founding PartnerÇiğdem Banguoğlu Aka (Founding Partner): She was born in 1953 in Ankara. She graduated from the Üsküdar American Academy for Girls in 1970, and from the Business Administration Department of Istanbul University in 1974. Aka also obtained an English Teaching degree from Istanbul Atatürk Institute in 1975. After working for Turkish Airlines for twenty years, she retired as Budget Manager of the Finance Department. She translated Amos Oz’s FIMA from English into Turkish, which was published in 1997, and Tim Parks’ Judge Savage, which was published in 2012. Aka is working as a translator and editor at Banguoğlu Ltd., which she co-founded in 1998.

Orhan Bilgin-PartnerOrhan Bilgin (Partner): Born in Istanbul in 1973, Orhan Bilgin graduated from the Istanbul German High School and from the Economics Department of Bosphorus University. He joined the language services industry in 1998, first working as a news writer at NTV and then as a lexicographer at the Computer Engineering Department of Sabancı University. Bilgin founded the English-Turkish dictionary website in 2001. Still working as a translator and editor at Banguoğlu Ltd., Orhan Bilgin has 15 years of experience in legal translation and editing.

Güldalı Uğurlu-Project CoordinatorGüldalı Uğurlu (Project Coordinator): Uğurlu was born in 1983 in Razgrad, Bulgaria. She graduated from Karamürsel Anatolian High School, and from the English Language and Literature Department of Bosphorus University in 2006. During her undergraduate studies, she worked at BP Turkey as an intern of the HR Department, and contributed to translation and editing projects at AE Film. She joined NR Translation as a project coordinator in 2006. Uğurlu has been serving as project coordinator at Banguoğlu Ltd. since January 2008.

Hülya Doğramacılar-Accounting Manager
Hülya Doğramacılar (Accounting Manager): Doğramacılar was born in 1972 in Istanbul. After graduating from high school, she completed a computer-based accounting program and began her career as an accountant. For two years, she worked as an accountant and sales specialist in medical companies. She joined the translation industry in 1994 and worked as Financial Affairs Manager at Enterkon A.Ş. for ten years. Doğramacılar has been serving as Accounting Manager of Banguoğlu Ltd. since September 2005.

Azize Akın-EditorAzize Akın (Editor): Born in Balıkesir in 1981, she graduated from Ayvalık High School and then from the English Translation Department of Hacettepe University in 2003. During her undergraduate studies, she worked as an intern at Borkay Translation. Between 2003-2006, Akın served as Customer Representative at Siemens Business Services. She also translated books during the same period. She worked as a translator and editor at NR Translation for three years. Akın has been working as an editor at Banguoğlu Ltd. since August 2009.